Football Fans: Hot Tubs Ideal for Enjoying and Watching Games

Posted on: 19 September 2016

Relaxing in a hot tub is a great way to soothe sore muscles and enjoy the warm waters. The modern advances in hot-tub technology allow people to do a lot more than just sit in the warm water. If you're a football fan, then the installation of a hot tub can make it a lot easier to watch games while simmering in the water. Setting up a television or using a projection screen outdoors is a lot easier these days and can make your hot tub a great location to enjoy some football action. As you shop for hot tubs, there are four specific features that are ideal for watching football. A pool contractor can help you design and pick out a hot-tub model that fits these needs and provides you with the best viewing experience.

Pillow Headrests

A lot of hot-tub designs may force you to prop your head or back up if you want to see a television screen. A hot tub with a pillow headrest makes it easy to see the screen without straining your neck or upper back. Hot tubs can be purchased with oversized headrests that feature extra cushioning. You can even take things one step further by choosing a pillow headrest that has massaging or heating elements installed in it. These headrests are typically positioned in hot-tub seats from which you can extend your legs fully outward and stretch the body so that it is relaxed.

Cup Holders

A big part of enjoying a football game is having a few drinks while watching. Whether you have a bottle of beer or a can of soda, you can have easy access to your drink with a hot tub that features built-in cup holders. The cup holders are installed on the edge of the hot tub. This allows you to relax in the water and enjoy your drink without having to constantly get up and go out of the hot tub to get it. The cup holders can also be used to hold small snacks like chips, peanuts, or pieces of candy. With multiple cup holders, you can place a drink in one and the snacks in another.

Waterproof Speaker Systems

When jets and massage elements are running in the hot tub, it may be harder to hear the natural audio that comes from the television. One way to get clear and crisp audio from the game is by having a waterproof speaker system installed in the hot tub. The speakers are placed near the headrests inside the tub and feature clear audio options. The speakers often operate using wireless Bluetooth technology. This allows you to connect to Bluetooth connections on televisions and sound systems. You will easily be able to hear the game audio and still enjoy the comfort of the spa jets. Touch buttons located near the speakers make it easy to adjust the audio and mute it if needed.

Hot-Tub Device Housing

There are multiple ways to stream and watch football games. If you're using any type of wireless device, then you may want to consider purchasing a hot tub with waterproof device housing. These clear cases can lock small devices in a clear waterproof case. This allows you to see the device and access it if needed. For example, you can place the television remote inside of the housing. This makes it easy to switch games without damaging the remote. You can also use the housing for a cell phone that offers the streaming of NFL content. There are numerous services that can stream the games and give you wireless access through the hot tub. By placing the device in this waterproof housing, you can ensure that it is protected and safe from water damage.

Contact hot-tub dealers to see models with these features installed. Custom options can also be added on a specific hot-tub design that you prefer.