Keep Your Pool Crystal Clear: 5 Tips

Posted on: 13 September 2017

A crystal clear swimming pool can be so refreshing on a hot summer day. A pool that is full of debris and has green or black water may not be quite as refreshing or inviting. Keep your pool clear and beautiful throughout the summer season by following the tips below.

1. Add Chemicals

Adding pool chemicals to your pool helps ensure your pool water is safe for swimming. You can't just add what you want to it though, you need to test your water with a pool testing kit and see what your water is low or high on. A testing kit will test the pH, alkalinity, chlorine, and stabilizer levels. If you aren't sure what to add to your pool, you can take a water sample to your local pool store to have the water tested. Be sure to add pool chemicals only to your pool. Don't add bleach thinking this will clear up your pool.

2. Vacuum The Pool Floor

The pool floor will accumulate leaves, dirt, hair, bugs, and all types of debris that will settle to the bottom. Use a pool vacuum to clean up this debris and prevent it from staining the bottom of your pool liner. Vacuuming can also help get rid of algae and prevent it from eating through your pool liner. Look at your local pool supply store for a vacuum for your pool that works best for you. There are automatic vacuums or hand-held vacuums to do it yourself.

3. Wash The Pool Sides

The sides of the liner may not be clean by the vacuum, but you can use an old sock or a rag to wipe down the sides of the liner. This can help prevent the stained ring around the top of the liner at the water's edge from occurring. Give your kids a sock to help you wipe the sides of the pool and make it a game by seeing you can get it the cleanest.

4. Keep Oils Out

That ring around the top of the liner can occur from wearing sunscreen and tanning oils into the pool. Try your best to keep these oils and sunscreens out of your pool to prevent the buildup and the oily sheen on the top of the water. If you can't avoid the sunscreen or oils in your pool, put a tennis ball in the pool to float around and catch the oils. Be sure to keep the ball from going into the skimmer and blocking water from getting into the pump and filter, as it can blow up your pump.

5. Cut Back Trees

If you have trees that hang over the pool, you probably have a lot of leaves in your pool all season long. Trim back these limbs to help prevent the leaves from falling into your pool and make cleaning it a bit easier on you, as you aren't digging leaves out quite as often. 

Take good care of your pool to keep the water crystal clear. Check out sites like to learn about other helpful tips for clear water.