Building A Pool? How To Pick A Shape To Fit Your Yard's Style

Posted on: 4 October 2017

Many homeowners don't give a lot of thought to the shape of their new swimming pool. However, the layout you choose can have a real impact on your yard's design and the way you use your pool. Here's a quick guide to making the right choice for any style of yard. Here are 5 yards and the pool shapes that make the most of them. 

Formal. If your yard and your personal decorative style leans toward the formal or modern, a geometric shape is probably your best option. Traditional rectangular or L-shaped pools feature clean lines and sharp edges that look great when matched with larger, more formal homes as well as modern architecture styles. 

Natural. On the other hand, you may want a pool that appears more natural as part of your landscape and doesn't draw as much attention. In this case, a more relaxed kidney shape or "figure 8" look might be perfect. These informal shapes feel softer and less intrusive. 

Kid-Friendly. Most homeowners who are installing pools have kids, and they want the pool to be a great haven for backyard play. The good news is that kids can frolic in just about any shape of pool as long as it's wide enough not to create bottlenecks. For sports-oriented families, an oval or classic rectangle are good choices because water sports equipment and diving boards work well within these confines. A "figure 8" pool also features a natural visual marker that tells smaller children where the deep end begins and can feature a larger shallow area than many other designs. 

Adult-Friendly. If you don't have kids, pool design can be fun too. Installing a long and narrow rectangle lap pool is perfect for adults who want to exercise regularly. Or you may want to incorporate a water feature into your pool so that it looks elegant for non-swimming entertainment. 

Short on Space. Those who don't have a large backyard or don't want to overwhelm the space may benefit from two opposite shape strategies. A freeform pool shape can work around any obstacles in the yard or conform to the shape of the space you do have. A strict geometrical shape like a rectangle or L-shape can help you squeeze a pool and deck closer to the house's outline or the boundaries of the yard. 

Before deciding on a particular pool shape, it may be a good idea to consult with an experienced pool contractor to assess additional factors like terrain, permit, or budget limitations. And then, you move forward with your pool installation knowing that your pool will be the best choice for your yard and your family.