Advantages Of A Vinyl Pool Liner And Features To Look For When Buying One

Posted on: 5 October 2017

If you're planning to install an in-ground pool, you'll have a few options that include one made of concrete, a fiberglass shell, or a vinyl liner. Pools with vinyl liners are popular choices because they are quick to install and less expensive. Here are some advantages of installing a vinyl-liner pool and what to look for when choosing the liner.

Advantages of Installing a Pool with a Vinyl Liner

A vinyl liner tends to be more comfortable on your feet and gentler on your skin if you bump the bottom or the walls. This might be an important consideration if you have kids and want to avoid them scraping against rough concrete in the pool. Plus, vinyl is a non-slip surface, so your kids are safer when they walk on the steps of the pool. Vinyl liners are usually treated to resist algae growth, too, so this makes it easier to maintain the water quality in your pool. Vinyl pools can be installed in a matter of days, which is a big advantage over choosing a concrete pool. The liners can be customized to fit any shape, which allows you to build a custom pool. This is not possible with fiberglass shells that are prefabricated.

Features to Look for in a Vinyl Pool Liner

One important feature is the thickness of the vinyl. Thicker liners are more durable, but they are also more expensive. You can choose the thickness of the liner by considering several things about the pool. If your pool will be in direct sunlight for several hours each day, you'll need a thicker liner. Also, if the liner sits on a concrete bottom rather than sand, then you'll want a thicker liner to keep it from being punctured and to maintain comfort.

Another factor to consider is the color of the liner since the color will be reflected in the color of the water. You can choose a liner that makes your pool look deep blue or one that gives your pool a green hue. The color is a matter of personal preference, but you'll want to select something you'll like since you'll be looking at the liner for years. Also, liners come with various decorative accents that give your pool some visual appeal. You might want to choose a pool liner with a border that looks like tile. You could also choose a liner with a design that will show on the bottom of the pool.

Vinyl pool liners last a long time if you care for them properly. You'll need to be careful when cleaning the pool; don't use any tools that will tear or puncture the vinyl. Fortunately, vinyl is fairly easy to repair, but if you are careful with it, the surface will stay intact and comfortably smooth for several years. When the liner is eventually worn out, it can be replaced with a new liner of a different color and design to give your pool an entirely new look at the fraction of the cost of redesigning your pool.

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