Tips For Setting Up The Best Patio Space Around Your Pool

Posted on: 19 October 2017

If you would like to revamp your patio space that surrounds your pool, or sits right next to it, you will want to make use of the following tips. This way, you will be able to make the most of that space and have a lot of fun all summer long.

Picking The Right Patio Furniture

You will want to make sure that you are picking the perfect set of patio furniture, especially if you are planning on using it for several years. While one of the things that you will want to focus on is the comfort of the furniture, that should not be the only thing you consider. If you fail to consider other points, you might find yourself to be rather disappointed with the patio furniture in a short amount of time. Talk with a sales rep to ask about what it is made of and how it is protected. Since the patio furniture will be exposed to various weather conditions and a lot of moisture from people coming to sit down right after getting out of the pool, you want to know that the furniture will hold up over time. It is also important to ask if the patio furniture company offers any type of warranty for the furniture.

Treat Your Patio Wood With A Proper Sealant

Since it is likely that at one time or another there will be some splashing around in the pool, water is likely to land on the patio. Plus, there will be water dripping off of people when they exit the pool to make their way to the patio furniture or inside. You want to know that your wood patio will still hold its color and structure without splintering and fading in spots. If your patio has not been treated with a quality sealant in a long time, this is something that you will want to have done right away. You can find the sealant and the application tools that you need at your local hardware of major home improvement store. Otherwise, you could always hire a contractor, such as from Eastgate Pools, to assist you with this project. This would also be a good time to have your contractor closely examine the support beams for the patio, as well as all of the individual boards. This way, if there is a problem starting to develop, it can be quickly resolved before the sealant is applied.