4 Tips To Help With Pool Maintenance And Repairs To Get A Head Start On Summer

Posted on: 15 May 2019

Soon, warm weather is going to be here, and you will want to have your pool ready. This often means that maintenance and repairs are needed before you can open your pool. There are some of the problems that you will want to do on your own and others that you may need to have a pool service help you with. The following tips will help you with the pool maintenance and repairs that will be needed to get a head start on summer:

1. Removing Covers and Doing Repairs to Enclosures for A Safe Pool This Summer

The cover of your pool is one of the first things that you need to take care of. If you have an automatic cover, open it and make sure that it is working properly. In addition to removing the cover, you are also going to want to check the liner or pool service for signs of damage or leaks that need to be repaired before you can open your pool for the summer months.

2. Inspecting the Pool for Leaks and Winter Damage That Needs to Be Repaired

It is also important to inspect your pool for signs of leaks and problems that need to be repaired. These leaks are not just problems that occur with the liner or surface—winter weather can also cause damage to the plumbing if it was not properly winterized. You will want to test your pool for leaks when you fill it and check all the plumbing of pool equipment for signs of leaks that need to be repaired.

3. Begin Cleaning Your Pool to Start Treating the Water to Get Ready for Opening

After you have checked for leaks and reconnected all the pool equipment plumbing, you will be ready to begin cleaning and treating the water. Start by fishing out all of the big debris and backwashing the filter. Turn the pump on and continue backwashing the filter until the water starts to get clearer, and then, add a shock and water clarifying treatment.

4. Treating the Water and Doing Equipment Maintenance and Repairs Before Opening

Lastly, you will be ready to start treating the water and balancing the PH levels. After you have shocked the water with chlorine, you will want to continue the upkeep of the water until your get ready to open your pool. During this period of treating water, you will also want to monitor the pump and other pool equipment for problems that need to be repaired before your can open your pool for the summer.

These are some tips to help with the maintenance and repairs that are going to be needed before your pool is ready for opening. If you need help with maintenance and repairs to get your pool ready, contact a pool service, such as Clean Touch Pool Service, for help getting the work done in time for summer.